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The 5 Biggest No-No’s of Dieting

You’ve never started a diet with the intention of failing – have you? So then, why might your last diet (or last five diets) not have worked? You have quite possibly fallen victim to one or more of the big dieting “no-no’s”! To help ensure your success we are listing the five biggest mistakes that people make when dieting.

1: Not Exercising
If you really want to lose that weight, lose it quickly, and lose it for a lifetime, you are going to have to get up off your bum and get moving. Yes, there are wonder pills that say they will help you drop pounds quickly or soup diets or juices that will magically melt all the weight away, but the bottom line is while they might help you drop a pound or two, if you want to really lose weight then you have to get moving!
2: Not Committing to Change

Losing weight and starting a diet and exercise plan takes commitment. You have to make committed lifestyle changes. You have to be serious about wanting to get healthy and put forth the effort to make the change happen. Find a diet plan that you can follow and that will work for you. If you are someone that has a hectic schedule and doesn’t like to cook or have the time to prepare your meals, then opt for a diet plan where you can choose pre-packaged meals or one where your meals are delivered to you.
3: Not Making a Plan

We are all very busy. Each and every one of us has hundreds of demands placed on us each day, so it is easy to get caught up in what you are doing and forget to eat sensibly or get your exercise in. To avoid failure, you need to sit down each and every week and make a schedule for the upcoming days. It’s not as easy to skip a workout or pre-planned meal if it’s already in writing!
4: Not Cutting Calories
In all the years of dieting, one thing has never changed: to lose weight you have to burn off more calories than you are taking in. Generally speaking you really shouldn’t decrease your daily caloric intake much below 1500 as doing so could cause internal injuries and problems. However, there is a certain amount of calories your body needs: this number is individual to you and it’s based on your height, weight, age and sex. Anything over that number is excess that needs to be burned off.
5: Depriving Yourself

A life of deprivation is no life at all. If you really want that bowl of ice cream, then don’t have bread with dinner or exercise for an extra 15 minutes. Splurge every once in a while, and enjoy your favorites. Many experts recommend taking a day off from dieting, or treating yourself to something special once or twice a week. Don’t over-indulge . . . simply pick a day or two to enjoy a treat and balance out those days accordingly.

Now that you know the many “don’ts” of dieting, you can make sure to avoid falling victim to them in the future, and perhaps never fail at a diet again!

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