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The 4 Best Nutrients for Better Bone Health

You may think that calcium and Vitamin D are the only nutrients that you need for better bone health. While both of these nutrients are very valuable when it comes to your bone health, there are other vitamins and nutrients that can also help you maintain strong, healthy bones. Keep reading to find out which ones you need to be getting!

Why Are Healthy Bones So Important?
As you get older, your bones get weaker and are at a greater risk for fracture. Why is this such a problem? Well, for one, studies indicate that those who experience a fractured hip over the age of 65 only have an average life span of 18 months after the injury. And, the statistics get even worse after the age of 65. People who are older clearly have to be careful when it comes to bone health, but it’s also important to start thinking about bone health at any age. 

1. Calcium
If you’re conscious about the importance of taking care of your bones, you probably already know that calcium is one vital nutrient for doing so. However, you might drink plenty of milk and other calcium-rich foods and think that this is all you have to do. The truth is you need more than milk and calcium to maintain healthy bones. 

2. Vitamin D
Vitamin D is also an essential part of ensuring healthy bones. While dairy is fortified with vitamin D, it is also found in fatty fish such as salmon and tuna. Unfortunately, most people admit to not eating enough fish to get adequate amounts of this nutrient. In addition to poor bone health, a lack of vitamin D can lead to a host of other problems, including poor immunity. If you’re not getting enough vitamin D in your diet, consider taking a supplement.

3. Vitamin K
Vitamin K is another vitamin that is vital for good bone health. You can find vitamin K in leafy green vegetables (such as kale and spinach) as well as in some vegetable oils (soybean, cottonseed, canola, and olive). Again, if you’re not getting enough of this essential nutrient in your everyday diet, you should turn to supplements to round out your need.

4. Soy
Soy is also another natural ingredient that can contribute to healthy bones. Unfortunately, many people do not get enough soy or even know what soy is. It’s time to change that! Sources of soy include edamame or soy beans, tofu, and soy milk.  

Even if you regularly consume the above nutrients through the foods you eat and lead a healthy, active lifestyle, you may still not be doing enough for your bone health. The best way to ensure your bones remain healthy as you age is to support your diet with vitamins and supplements. And that advice doesn’t apply only to women. Both men and women can benefit from taking supplements to promote healthy bones and a longer, happier life. 

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