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Testosterone Deficiency in Men

Didn’t start shaving until you were 18? And then it was more for your manhood than need? It could be normal for you but this could also reflect a testosterone deficiency.

Although uncommon in young men, it is definitely worth considering if you answered “yes” to the above questions. Other signs to look for: poor muscle tone, a flabby belly (especially if you work out) an anxious, hesitant personality, even depression, poor sex drive and/or performance (although drugs, alcohol and cigarettes as well as “performance anxiety” are more commonly involved).

If this sounds like you, have your doctor check your free and total testosterone levels and estrogen level for starters. Most docs will check blood levels, but saliva and urine levels can be done, too. It is important to diagnose this condition if it exists because besides these unpleasant effects of low testosterone, there is the greater concern about an increased risk of heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and other serious, chronic diseases.
While Viagra or the rest may help with your performance, these meds will not help protect you from these deadly conditions.

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