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Over 50? Boost Your Energy and Performance with this Secret Ingredient

Sure, we’ve all heard of how antioxidants are good for all of us, but the specifics are often not described in detail. In a recent study from the U.S. more specifics on who might benefit, how they might benefit, and what proponents of use which maximize benefits is further examined and defined. The group? Athletic or sports involved men over the age of 50.

This group (men over 50) have recently been shown to benefit greatly from regular supplementation of antioxidants and arginine, thereby making a causal generalization about all men and women over the age of 50.

Details of the Study

The study was done at UCLA and used test subjects of 16 men with and average age of 57.6. One set were given the antioxidant and arginine supplement while the other group was given a placebo. For three weeks, the two groups were given the supplement or the placebo and then asked to use a stationary bicycle to assess the anaerobic value of each group.

The supplement for anaerobic endurance and performance was specifically made up of arginine, citrulline, vitamin C, vitamin E, folic acis, taurine, and alpha lipoic acid and was a proprietary branded supplement named Niteworks. This supplement is promoted as being able to increase the ability of the subject to exercise harder and for a longer amount of time prior to the natural build of lactic acid in the blood post-exertion.

The results showed that “the combination supplement was associated with a 17 per cent increase in the anaerobic threshold – the amount of work done before lactic acid begins to accumulate in the blood,” according to findings published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition. In one workout session, and especially for someone over the age of 50, this can make a huge difference in the exercise performed, and heart and overall health increased.

According to the researchers, “At the end of one week of supplementation the researchers noted a 16.7 per cent increase in the anaerobic threshold in the supplementation group, which was maintained until week three, where a 14.2 per cent increase on baseline values was obtained. In the placebo group, however, no significant changes were recorded.” This said, people over the age of 50 who might be suffering from common inactivity issues, due to the inability to maintain enough energy and endurance, might well have found their answer in this supplement of antioxidants. It has the potential to help them stay physically fit and less apt to develop sedentary-related illness and condition. 

The basic reason for the study at UCLA was due to the natural “loss of exercise capacity with age” that most often occurs and leads to less physical fitness overall, and the subsequent “senescence” and poor health associated with those middle aged and older. The lead researcher, Zhaoping Li, explained,  “A dietary supplement that increases exercise capacity might help to preserve physical fitness by optimizing performance and improving general health and well being in older people.” This could be a huge finding-beyond anything professed or promised in unregulated sports nutrition.

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