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New Study Shows Seaweed Supplement Can Ease Your Arthritis Pain

Alternative health experts often tout the benefits of seaweed when it comes to promoting great health. And now there’s one more reason to incorporate the weeds that come from the sea into your dietary regimen. A new study reveals that a supplement derived from seaweed can lead to a reduction of inflammation in knee arthritis, along with a decrease in the need for potentially harmful pain relievers.

A recent study performed by Dr. Joy Frestedt of Frestedt, Inc., a company in Minnesota that conducts clinical trials, has indicated that a supplement derived from seaweed can lead to a reduction of inflammation of knee arthritis as well as decrease the need for non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). This is especially promising as NSAIDs have been known to have a whole host of negative health repercussions of their own.

Details of the Study
The seaweed supplement (sold under the manufacturer’s name of “Aquamin”) was tested on 22 adults who had moderate to severe arthritis of the knee. Of the adults who took the supplement for 12 weeks, all of them were able to reduce their intake of NSAIDs as well as improve walking and range of motion of their knees. Although more studies are needed to form a conclusive option, the consensus is that a seaweed supplement (such as the one tested) can help those who have arthritis avoid NSAIDs. 

The group was split into two factions - those who took the supplement and those who took a placebo. All subjects were asked to gradually reduce their use of NSAIDs during the study. Five of those in the group that received the placebo dropped out of the study because of worsening pain. Those who continued with the study and took the supplement were able to cut out the NSAIDs altogether, with the exception of one person. 

Arthritis is a condition that affects the joints of the body and causes swelling, stiffness and pain. Common treatment for the pain associated with arthritis is taking NSAIDs. NSAIDs are painkillers that are typically sold over the counter and include aspirin and ibuprofen. These can be helpful when dealing with pain on occasion. However, recent studies on NSAIDs are beginning to reveal the negative side effects of long-term use. These effects include stomach ulcers, gastrointestinal problems and even stomach cancer. 

This study was only conducted on those with arthritis of the knee and not those who have other forms of this condition. And, while this study does not state that a seaweed supplement can totally treat knee arthritis, early research suggests the supplement may be effective when it comes to helping eliminate the daily use of NSAIDs. 

If you have arthritis of the knee and want to try an alternative to NSAIDs, you can purchase Aquamin (and supplements like it) from health food stores and online outlets. You may find that the supplement will work to help you reduce the amount of NSAIDs you take on a daily basis. As frequent use of NSAIDs has proven to be dangerous, any reduction in the amount you take has the potential to improve your gastrointestinal health.

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