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Recent Study Reveals Drinking Soda Boosts Risk of Kidney Disease

You already know that drinking soda is bad for you in so many ways. The negative health effects of drinking soda seem to be endless, and range from obesity and weak bones to headaches and rotting teeth. But now there’s another reason to kick your soda habit, especially if you’re a woman: kidney disease. Keep reading to find out more information regarding this recent discovery. . .

A recent study published in the journal PLoS One indicated that women who consumed two or more soda drinks every day had an increased risk of kidney disease. This United States study was one of several that once again explained the detrimental qualities of soft drinks such as soda, including diet soda. 

Medical science has long been aware that sodas and other sugary drinks contribute to the onset of diabetes. Soda has no redeeming qualities as far as nutritional value. In fact, most doctors regard this substance as nothing but liquid candy. In addition to supplying your body with unnecessary sugars, it is also bad for your teeth and bones. But don’t think you’re off the hook if you choose the “diet” version. Even diet soda can eventually cause kidney damage in women, according to this study.

Most of all, doctors are concerned with the onset of diabetes from drinking soda. New cases of type-2 diabetes have reached epidemic proportions in the United States. This disease claims the lives of nearly 100,000 Americans each year and shows no evidence of slowing down. Furthermore, the treatment of diabetes costs the health care industry over $1 billion dollars a year, according to national statistics provided by the American Medical Association.

Obesity is the number one cause of type-2 diabetes. And, the consumption of soda has been linked repeatedly to obesity. Diabetes causes kidney disease as well as other medical conditions that can eventually prove fatal. 

Direct Contribution to Kidney Disease

But it is not only through obesity that soda is linked to kidney disease. The recent study showed that the consumption of soft drinks increases the risk of metabolic syndrome, which can harm the major organs including the kidneys, heart and even lead to liver disease. Again, this is true even when it comes to drinking diet soda.

The Hormone Factor

Scientists believe that hormones play a role when it comes to weight loss (and weight gain). Women who are over the age of 40 have a more difficult time losing body fat than men and may be more susceptible to kidney disease due to the consumption of soda, according to the study. This is not only due to the increased hormone activity that can lead to metabolic syndrome, but also to the increase in a hormone imbalance that can lead to obesity.

Alternatives to Soda

Doctors and medical professionals agree that soda offers no nutritional value and does not even adequately quench thirst. They believe that by switching to water, you can not only stave off or prevent kidney disease, but you can also decrease your hunger symptoms and maintain a healthier weight. This is especially true of women, who were the main focus in the study. 

The evidence is there – and becoming clearer all the time: soda is BAD for you. Don’t let your soda habit get in the way of good health. it's time to kick it now!

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