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New Study: Probiotics Effective in Fighting Dangerous Infection

You may not know what C. Difficile is but we have all experienced what it feels like (unfortunately).  C. Difficile is short for Clostridium Difficile.  Clostridia are spore forming rods and are known to be the most common cause of antibiotic-associated diarrhea.  Recent research has suggested that probiotics work to lessen those diarrhea symptoms or completely prevent them.  Here are some of the facts regarding probiotics and why they work so effectively in reducing or eliminating incidents of AAD (anti-biotic associated diarrhea).

Fact Number One:  If you use a daily supplement with a proprietary blend of probiotic bacteria it is possible to eliminate the diarrhea that is often associated with the C. Difficile infection.  Plus, it has been suggested that higher doses of probiotics can provide highly effective protective efforts for the body.

Fact Number Two:  The research does not lie when it comes to proving the benefits of a probiotic for helping out with AAD.  According to The American Journal of Gastroenterology, the following statistics have been proven:
  • In a study, 15.5% of the higher dose probiotic group experienced AAD symptoms.
  • In that same study, 28% of the lower dose probiotic group experience AAD symptoms.
  • That same study also showed that 44% of the placebo group experienced AAD symptoms.
  • The United States reports over 250,000 C. Difficile infections every year
  • In the United States they estimate between 15,000 to 30,000 deaths from C. Difficile
  • Up to 25% of people that experience diarrhea receive it from a complication to their antibiotic treatment

Fact Number Three:  Probiotics have a long term positive impact on people with diarrhea problems.  Changes in diet and antibiotics do not always eliminate the diarrhea.

Fact Number Four:  Elderly people who take a daily probiotic drink experience AAD 22% less than those who do not.

Fact Number Five:  Research on the positive effects of probiotics have shown that they have the potential to increase immune function, reduce IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), reduce inflammation in the bowels, and help with appetite regulation.

Fact Number Six:  Patients who are on antibiotics and take probiotics with them have less severe AAD than those who do not.  A reduction in diarrhea symptoms will also lead to less dehydration and other side effects.

There is no denying the facts about probiotics and how they help.  If you have AAD make sure you look into taking the proper probiotic to help reduce symptoms and stop the side effect as quickly as possible.  If you know that you’ll be starting antibiotics in the near future it is a good idea to be proactive and try to eliminate the chance of AAD from occurring.  The studies show that there are significant positive benefits from probiotics.  In particular, people with C. Difficile have experienced the positive benefits of taking them.

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