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Neil Armstrong, First Man to Walk on the Moon, Dead at 82

neil armstong in space suit holding helmet with moon backdropAs the first man to walk on the moon, it must have been something for Neil Armstrong to see the space program he was so deeply a part of successfully reach the surface of Mars. After all, this most recent milestone will join his accomplishment as one of those “forever” historical moments.

Unfortunately, he will see no more of the Mars adventure. Neil Armstrong, space pioneer, passed away at the age of 82 today to what the Washington Post is citing “cardiovascular procedures.”

A self-proclaimed “nerd,” Armstrong was selected for NASA’s astronaut corps in 1962. He became the first U.S. civilian to be blasted into space in his only other flight other than Apollo 11. That particular flight, on Gemini 8, was a potential fatal disaster as a malfunction caused the spacecraft to spin out of control. Armstrong and he crewmate were forces to abort the mission and carried out NASA’s first emergency re-entry.

As his fame grew, Armstrong shied from the public and did as much as he could to steer clear of the media. But he was not a recluse, as some labeled him. He was simply “choosey” about the public appearances he did make. He was content to ease into retirement with his family; we should all be so lucky.

He will, despite his distaste of the spotlight, live in infamy.

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