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Is Divorce in Your Future? One Study Explains Your Relationship on Facebook

If you think that “special” time you or your partner spends on Facebook is just a little harmless fun, then you may want to, well, WAKE UP. Studies have found that Facebook can actually be serious trouble for a relationship and is responsible for one-third of divorces. One-third!

Facebook and Divorce in the U.K.

A U.K. website that focuses on divorce conducted a study in 2009 and another in 2011 on the reasons why people file for divorce. They found that in 2009, 20 percent of the petitions for divorce cited “Facebook” as among the reasons for the split. If that doesn’t already shock you, the study conducted in 2011 saw that number rise to 33 percent! They also found that the most common reasons behind citing Facebook as a contributing factor included “Facebook cheating,” which refers to inappropriate messages sent to Facebook “friends” of the opposite sex. Other reasons included exes trash talking each other, and finally, friends reporting their friend’s spouse’s conduct.

I guess what happens on Facebook doesn’t always stay on Facebook. It’s OK, Facebook . . . Vegas has had years of experience.

Facebook and Divorce in the U.S.

The British weren’t the only ones to survey just how many divorces may have been Facebook-related. A survey by American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers found that 66 percent of divorce lawyers reported a notable increase in the number of divorces blamed on social networking sites, with 80 percent of those being specifically related to Facebook. It also found that one in every five divorces in the United States involve Facebook. Just as with the results from the UK, inappropriate messages to people of the opposite sex were cited as the biggest problem.

So why the phenomenon?

Facebook Makes It A Little Too Easy

Facebook was made to make it easy for people to connect with friends. The problem with it in regard to relationships is that it also makes it easy to connect to people from your past, who you were once involved with or maybe wanted to be; as well as to new people who may appear to have something that you or your partner is missing in the relationship. For a relationship that’s not’s perfect, this could easily spell trouble.

Facebook gives you a place to find and connect with these people; and having a computer screen between you and another person makes it very easy to do and say things that you might not normally have the nerve to. This can lead to flirting and other inappropriate behavior that can easily end in an emotional affair . . . if not a full-on physical affair.

The lesson? Maybe spend a little more “face time” in person with the one you love (or supposedly love) than with your computer screen. Your future may thank you for it.

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