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Get Your Blood Flowing with Better Circulation

Has anyone ever said to you - "You must have poor circulation"? Perhaps it was in response to your complaints about cold hands, cold feet, or just always being cold in general. Well, I know I've had many people say that to me! But what exactly is "circulation" and why might mine be poor?

But what exactly is “circulation” and why might mine be poor?

Circulation is basically the way your blood moves through your body. It’s vital to all the body’s cells to receive an adequate supply of oxygen and nutrients and equally important that carbon dioxide and other wastes be removed. This all happens through the blood stream.

Many factors can reduce the blood’s ability to deliver the goods and take away the wastes, including injuries and diseases. Under such conditions, our circulation can use a boost. The below herbal ingredients have been used for years to help improve circulation. They offer the most benefits when used in combination, but can also be used singly. The best part? They’re all natural! 

Take a look . . .

CAYENNE pepper will get your blood moving posthaste, especially in the gustatory regions. Other foods ingested along with Cayenne will be assimilated faster and more easily. But a little goes a long way, so don’t overdo it! Remember, Mother Nature made the stuff hot and pungent for a reason. If you can’t swallow too much outside of a capsule, don’t swallow too much inside of a capsule either.

GINGER ROOT will stimulate circulation in the G.I. tract and other parts of the body, and will help the body digest and the blood assimilate the Cayenne. Ginger Root has a powerful positive stimulating effect on muscular contractions of the atria, and this effect should increase overall circulation. Ginger root also stimulates the vasomotor and respiratory centers of the central nervous system and the heart as well as aids in reducing serum cholesterol levels, an effect that promotes long-term circulatory improvement. Finally, in a recent study a water extract of Ginger Root significantly reduced platelet aggregation (the tendency of blood cells to stick together or clot). Agents found to possess this property are generally beneficial to the circulation.

GENTIAN ROOT is invaluable to the body’s circulation and overall health by bolstering its ability to digest and assimilate food. In good health or bad, it increases absorption, assimilation and re-sorption. The effect of Gentian on the vascular system is to help insure that the abdominal organs receive a rich supply of blood. It has also been found that Gentian root increases the sensitivity of many glands and organs to the effect of adrenalin – the endogenous hormone that is secreted when the body needs quick energy.

KELP possesses cardiotonic principles of its own. In one study it was found that Kelp increases contractile force in the atria (much like Ginger Root). In addition, Kelp adds that measure of nutritive support that the body needs to maintain proper health. It helps offset the effects of stress, protects against sickness, aids digestion and respiration, and generally promotes well-being.

BLUE VERVAIN is valued by many herbalists as an agent that will help to rectify poor circulation problems by producing a normalizing and stabilizing effect. But among its many benefits, this is perhaps the most obscure. So don’t count it out!

By following the above regimen, you should experience better circulation in no time. So get ready, get set, get your blood flowing!

*While these remedies have proven results, you should always be careful when choosing a new regimen of treatment. It’s best to ease into the use of herbs and ease out of the use of traditional medications – especially if your health problems are severe. A sudden switch of health regimen can be hazardous.

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