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Could Your Mattress Be Giving You Cancer? The Scary New Theory That Thinks So

When you consider the diet and toxic environment of Western countries, including America, you may not be surprised to learn the rate of cancer among them is 10 times that of Eastern countries.  In western women, the incidence of breast cancer is higher, and strangely enough, is found more in the left breast than the right. 

On the other hand, Japanese women have a lower incidence of breast cancer overall and there is no distinguishable difference between the left and the right breast.

This can be explained partly by genetics and lifestyle choices but there is an undeniable link that can’t be ignored. It has to do with how we sleep at night.  More specifically, on what we sleep. Women in the west sleep on box springs and mattresses while Japanese sleep on futons filled with natural fibers that are placed on the floor.  No box springs.

Why is this significant?  If you accept the idea of dangerous EMF radiation linked to disease, the answer will soon become very clear.

Research indicates that electromagnetic field radiation is linked to an increase in cancer.  Interestingly enough, the standard mattress length is half the length of the electromagnetic waves that are looming over your bedroom, emanating from electrical wiring in your walls and ceiling.  The optimum height for this is 75 centimeters above your mattress.  And since many people sleep on their right side, the left side of the body is exposed to this radiation. The metal springs in your mattress are actually behaving much like an antenna, tuning in to attract dangerous electromagnetic rays to your sleeping body. 

The damaging effects of EMF.

Just like the wiring in your home, your body has an electrical system.  Our body cells communicate with each other through electrical impulses.  What this means is our body’s electrical impulses can be influenced or disrupted from external sources.  If they start vibrating to an abnormal frequency, problems set in. 

The problems with electromagnetic radiations affect the brain, which can lead to neurological problems and learning disabilities.  Growing tissues are also at risk as evidenced by genetic alterations and cancers.  How much at risk you may be depends on many factors such as how close you are to transmission towers, the amount of radiation in your room, what the rest of your mattress is made of (much of the material in mattresses is toxic) plus the state of your overall health.

What are the options?

You may want to consider replacing your current mattress with a nonmetallic one.  Or position your bed so that it isn’t oriented towards a TV or FM transmission tower. 

Or maybe just do nothing.

If you’re thinking this is a lot of high tech feng shui mumbo jumbo, you’re not alone.  Many people are skeptical about things that go beyond what they’ve always considered fact.  And no one likes to dwell on the possibility the same technologies that make our lives so much easier can actually do us real harm. 

But according to researchers Hallberg and Johansson, deadly cancers such melanomas are indeed linked to the radiation from transmission towers due to its disruptive affect on the immune system. Other studies have linked brain tumors and DNA damage to the effects of radiation emitted through cell phones.

So if you think there may be something to this after all and you need a new mattress anyway, now is as good a time to invest as any.  Just watch out for the antennas.

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