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Carpal-Tunnel Syndrome – Natural Treatment

Carpal-tunnel syndrome can be extremely painful; however, you may not have to have surgery to help control the pain.  It all depends on the cause of your carpal-tunnel syndrome.  There are natural ways to treat it.

Carpal-tunnel syndrome is an inflammation of the tendons in your wrist that cause the median nerve to be compressed.  This can be extremely painful.  There are many causes in this day and age with the advancements in technology. Therefore, carpal-tunnel syndrome has been associated with the hours of use on the computer, as well as any activity where you use your hands for long periods of time in a repetitive movement.  Even carpenters are commonly at risk for carpal-tunnel syndrome.  There are also other reasons people are affected by carpal-tunnel syndrome.  Physical injuries, such as:

•    Fractures
•    Dislocations
•    Severe trauma to the lower forearm
•    Hypothyroidism

Many times surgery is the only answer.  The key is to find out the cause.  However, if your carpal-tunnel syndrome is not caused from a disease or physical trauma and the pain is still mild, carpal-tunnel syndrome can be controlled or even reversed without drugs or surgery.  Here are some tips to reverse, prevent or control carpal-tunnel syndrome the natural way:
•    Minimize stress caused to your wrist
•    Take breaks from activities that put pressure on your wrists
•    Use keyboards or other tools that do not put as much pressure on your wrists.
•    Do simple exercises, such as rotating your wrist and stretching your hands
•    Get enough rest
•    Put ice packs or warm compresses on your wrists
•    Wear a wrist brace at night. People tend to curl up their wrists during sleep, worsening the compression of the nerve.

Carpal-tunnel syndrome is common and painful.  Preventing it is the best way to avoid the pain caused by carpal-tunnel syndrome.

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