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Can Life REALLY Be What You Make of It? Opening the Discussion on Spirituality

spiritualityWe’ve all heard the saying, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” While it is easy to say, it is another thing to actually put into fruition. Or is it?

Dr. Deepak Chopra believes there is a solution to all of life’s challenges. The answers to our problems lie within. Yes, it is that simple. In his latest book, Spiritual Solutions: Answers to Life's Greatest Challenges, Dr. Chopra examines spiritual solutions for health and wellbeing, material success, higher consciousness and relationships. He uses vivid examples of what makes us cringe in discomfort and helps people reach a place of inner freedom. Author of over 60 books, Dr. Chopra continues to revolutionize the vital connection between body, mind, spirit, and healing.

The Impact of Spirituality

Sure, life throws everyone curveballs. However, it is how we handle these situations that have a direct impact on our happiness and state of mind. Dr. Chopra teaches that we must reach a higher consciousness to understand that there is a purpose and pattern for everything. Every challenge put forth in front of us is to create more awareness of our inner purpose. A larger purpose is unfolding right before our very eyes . . . we just have to open them to see it.

So, how do we get to this higher level of consciousness? We begin with spirituality. When Dr. Chopra refers to spirituality he is not speaking of religion or faith. Rather, spirituality confronts awareness and directly aims to produce a higher consciousness. What ultimately results is awareness without boundaries, opening the door to positive solutions and the ability to move mountains. Most people experience challenges in life for the purpose of a spiritual reason.

The Three Steps of Spirituality

Imagine an undesirable circumstance that has occurred in your life. You may have experienced anxiety, depression, anger, fear, jealousy or exhaustion. Negative emotions occur in a spiritual level called contracted awareness. This is the antithesis of finding a solution. A solution will not be found at this spiritual place where the problem originally occurred.

When entering any situation, we respond through several aspects of awareness: perceptions, beliefs, assumptions, expectations and/or feelings. The first step toward finding a solution to any problem is realizing which of these aspects are actually feeding the issue. Once these aspects are explored, a shift in consciousness occurs. The way challenges are perceived directly affect the outcome of the solutions. Regardless of any given anxiety-ridden situation, there is an answer.

Expanded awareness is the spiritual level where solutions begin to appear. Clarity slowly starts to creep in, allowing a more objective view of the crisis. Solutions begin to unveil themselves, and a sense of confidence presides over confusion and fear. The process of letting go has begun.

In the final stage of spirituality, pure awareness, problems simply do not exist. Challenges are viewed as opportunities. On this level, in the midst of a crisis, we are more apt to connect with others. Every decision comes from pure clarity and deep wisdom. The burden of anxiety and angst vanishes away. This is where the truth lies.

Where Does Your Inner Purpose Lie?

Some may be wondering how there is an inner purpose to losing a job or foreclosing on a home or even facing an illness. Dr. Deepak Chopra says there is a spiritual solution to every problem. Our mind is a powerful tool. Even in mind-body medicine, for instance, the mind influences physical health by using the power of thoughts and emotions. This practice has been integrated in prestigious medical schools throughout the world.

Life was never meant to be a struggle. Yes, it is filled with ups and downs. However, life isn’t random - nor is any challenge we face. Looking within will reveal many spiritual solutions to our everyday problems. Only then will we align with our inner purpose and unveil our true selves. Life is what you make it. So, let’s start making some lemonade!

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