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Boost Your Stamina with Beetroot Juice

Great news for has been announced for endurance athletes, the elderly population, and those that struggle with cardiovascular, respiratory, or metabolic diseases. Those that have a need to exercise longer and tire less quickly would be interested to know that a new British study indicates that beetroot juice has the ability to increase physical stamina and exercise endurance up to 16 percent.

Researchers indicate that the nitrate in beetroot juice reduces the uptake of oxygen to a level that can be accomplished by no other known means.

The Study

The study was published by the Journal of Applied Physiology on August 6, 2009. This study included eight men between the ages of 29 and 38. Each of them drank 500 milliliters of organic beetroot juice each day. This was done for six days. They then performed a series of tests on exercise bicycles. The same tests were done after the men drank 500 milliliters of a placebo for six days. The placebo was known as blackcurrant cordial.

  • The men were able to cycle for an average of 11.25 minutes after drinking the beetroot juice.
  • After drinking the placebo, the men were able to cycle for an average of 92 seconds less time than when they drank the beetroot juice.
  • The men had a lower resting blood pressure after drinking the beetroot juice.

The Researcher’s Views

In a news release Andy Jones, a professor in the University of Exeter's School of Sport and Health Sciences, related that their study is the first to show that nitrate-rich food can increase exercise endurance.

Jones said, "We were amazed by the effects of beetroot juice on oxygen uptake because these effects cannot be achieved by any other known means, including training. I am sure professional and amateur athletes will be interested in the results of this research. I am also keen to explore the relevance of the findings to those people who suffer from poor fitness and may be able to use dietary supplements to help them go about their daily lives."

The mechanisms that cause the nitrate in beetroot juice to increase stamina are still unknown by Jones and his colleagues. However, they do have a hypothesis. They suspect that the nitrate may turn into nitrate oxide in the body. This would lead to lowering the oxygen uptake in the body and would make exercise less tiring.

In Summary

It seems that the nitrate in the beetroot juice somehow has the ability to increase physical endurance and stamina. There are a wide variety of people that would like to harness this power. This would include professional and amateur athletes, the elderly, as well as those that contend with cardiovascular, respiratory, and metabolic diseases. While the manner in which the nitrate accomplishes its tasks has not been determined, the benefits are obvious. At least one additional benefit of having lowered the resting blood pressure also appears to come with drinking the beetroot juice.

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