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Are You Eating the Most Dangerous Meat on the Market Today?

For most people who choose a vegetarian lifestyle, their decision is rooted in strong beliefs. These beliefs can be due to spiritual reasons, health concerns, an outcry against the brutal treatment of animals, or any number of other factors.

What is eye opening, however, is that many people who are vegetarians because of the brutality that goes on in American factory farms have come to realize their strong aversion to eating meat isn’t actually helping the animal welfare problem. They now realize that eating veggie burgers isn’t going to rattle any industry cages. When they refuse to eat meat at all, they are just sidestepping the battlefield.

These people aren’t necessarily convinced that meat is bad for their health. Their problem is with the inhumane treatment of farm animals.  But a vegetarian choice doesn’t change the system. What will change the system is insisting on eating meat that is raised under humane conditions.

One way to do this is to raise animals on your own under free-range conditions, without antibiotics, and on green pastures.  For many people this isn’t plausible, so buying meat from small farmers is the best option. When someone makes a choice to eat a hamburger or chicken breast purchased from a small farmer that shows the American farm industry you made a conscious decision NOT to eat meat from animals treated inhumanely.

The decision to eat meat.

Of course, not everyone should, or needs to eat meat. This can because of religious reasons as mentioned earlier. Everyone should know, however, that totally abstaining from animal protein comes with health consequences.

But if you do eat meat, the nutritional content largely depends on how it was raised. Factory farming produces inferior meat, plain and simple. The stress and disease levels of these poor animals stuck in feedlots are atrocious.

Most meat you buy in the supermarket is loaded with antibiotics, pesticides, and hormones that are simply dangerous to your health. One essential requirement for healthy meat is that it must come from grass-fed animals.

The most dangerous meats.

Among the most dangerous meat of all are those that contain nitrates. Nitrates are preservatives that have been linked to cancer. More than 7,000 clinical studies have shown this to be true.

Also, meat cooked at high temperatures releases heterocyclic amines, which are also linked to cancer.

Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons are released when fat drips onto a heat source, which causes smoke to envelop the food. These compounds have also been shown to be cancer-causing.

There’s more.  Advanced glycation end products are also formed in meat cooked at high temperatures. These substances build up in your body over time and cause inflammation, oxidative stress, and also raise the risk of kidney disease, heart disease, and diabetes.

In other words, eating red meat that has been factory farmed, grain fed, plus charred to a crisp is the most dangerous type of meat you can eat.

The healthiest meat.

The healthiest meat is organic, grass-fed and cooked as little as possible. For this reason, you simply have to stay away from factory-farmed meat because eating meat that is cooked rare will not destroy any bacteria or parasites. Organically raised pasture animals, on the other hand, rarely get parasites or diseases.

Even if you’ve never been a vegetarian but feel strongly about the brutality associated with factory farmed animals, you can fight back with your pocketbook. Refuse to buy meat that has been factory farmed. Your decision will not go unnoticed when it affects the meat industry’s bottom line.

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