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40-30-30: Your Key to Lasting Weight Loss

Otherwise known as the ZoneDiet, the 40-30-30 plan takes into account your carbohydrate, protein and fat intake and suggests a balanced ratio for weight loss results – and success. But is it really that simple? In reality there’s much more of a science behind this approach than most realize.

You know that losing weight can be flat-out frustrating.  I am sure you have heard about miracle diets, workout machines that promise immediate results and over-the-counter medications that promise you instant results with very little effort.  These can all be tempting to try but will usually cost you too much money and get you absolutely no results.  What you need is a plan on how to build a diet that will give your body the nutrients it needs to burn as much fat as possible.
Shedding the pounds you want is hard enough without all the white noise of advertisements regarding these gimmick cures and silly, ineffectual workout devices.  It’s hard to tell how connecting electrodes to your stomach will actually burn fat for you!  You need something that is a little more realistic.  After all, armed with information there’s nothing you can’t do!
The truth is that there is no miracle cure for losing weight.  Barring a more serious medical condition, it really does come down to your diet and exercise.  The difference depends on your dietary mix.  This mix depends on your carbohydrate, protein and fat intake.  This is where the 40-30-30 diet, or Zone diet, comes into play.  Basically, you eat 40% carbohydrates, 30% protein and 30% fat. Simple - right?  This has been proven to provide overweight people with the weight loss they want and need. 
Of course now you are wondering how this type of diet works.  It is all based on something called eicosanoids. You might not know this word right away but just know that eicosanoids are the hormones that controls and affect production levels of every other hormone in your body.  By affecting the root of your weight loss problem, these eicosanoids, you are tapping into a very powerful tool that will allow you to reach your goal weight.
The goal of the 40-30-30 diet is very simple.  Through the foods you eat, you can control the levels of good eicosanoids and reduce the bad ones.  The idea is to indirectly control eicosanoids through the protein/carbohydrate balance in your body.  The protein/carbohydrate balance in your body controls insulin/glucose, which keeps on your eicosanoid production in check.  Seems easy enough, right?
You might not be sold on the plan, but it really does work. The Zone book breaks it down for you in simple to understand concepts.  Through a controlled diet you can super start your weight loss and reach those healthy levels you’ve always dreamed of. Along with just starting your weight loss you could also see an increase in energy, which we all need. Imagine figuring out exactly how your body processes food to achieve the weight loss and energy you need.  It is like finding a treasure map!
While there is too much information about this diet to put in one article, you can always purchase The Zone Diet book to learn more.  Always be careful when altering your diet, and always consult your physician or a dietician to be sure what you are doing is healthy.

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